Our Design Philosophy

The opposite of linear and trendy

Linear business models are out of fashion. People are downsizing and minimizing consumption for a healthier and more sustainable world. The (r)evolution of circular concepts is here to stay. Upcycling and zero waste are obvious musts. Circularity is the quality of tomorrow – we are in it today! Welcome to join us.

80 % of a product’s footprints are determined in the design phase*

All environmental benefits are taken into account in the creative design phase – for the entire life cycle of our products! So never compare with the price of linear, mass-produced goods with a short lifespan. The cost of them can be eternal.

Our solution: Circular & Timeless Redesign

Timeless design is a work of art or idea that remains relevant and valuable over and over again, without the influence of fast-moving fashions and ever-changing trends. In our redesign, we circulate treasured products and materials to eliminate waste and pollution and regenerate nature. 

Step into our enchanting world of circular and timeless design! This captivating transformation has an indescribable, universal charm that resonates across generations. Get ready to be swept away by a design that transcends time and resonates with the essence of every era!

*Source: Margaret K. M. Crichton and Grant C. D. M. Hall of the University of Cambridge. In a study, published in 2009, it was investigated how different design decisions affect a product’s environmental impact throughout its life cycle. The researchers found that most environmental impact factors can be reduced or eliminated by taking them into account in the design phase, which in turn reduces the products’ overall environmental footprint by up to 80%. Products that are designed in a sustainable way from the beginning can have a large and positive impact on its environmental impact and costs for this.

Bask in the joy of your conscious choice – experience the power of Great Fribes!

Authentic craftsmanship, an endangered art form

We collaborate with selected artisans and skilled craftsmen who share our beliefs to ensure circular thinking throughout the whole creative and manufacturing process. At Fribe Form we love to keep craftsmanship alive and contribute to local entrepreneurs. By doing so we are also able to minimize transport and CO2 emissions.

The circle is completed

Like the Arts & Crafts movement, in the early 20th century, we react against the decline in standards and design qualities from mass production. The power of handmade craft is free and creative with long-lasting qualities. Sustainable design made to order goes hand in hand with the urgent need for circularity.

Circularity influences the destination of creations’ longevity

We wish to hand over a world without impoverishment. The more circular we live the less foot prints we will leave. The grace in old things adds good vibes to modern homes and public environments. We invite you to join the Great Fribe movement.

Durable, recyclable, traceable - enjoyable!

Brass is a cyclical material with a given place in environmentally friendly production – used by man since before 1500 AD. The gold-like metal – sometimes also called poor man’s gold – is profitable to recycle. Much of the brass we use comes from recycled taps, other plumbing articles, and various decoration items such as candlesticks.

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Be in the circle of loove

We would like to send you a love letter now and then when we have news to circle. It may also happen when that awesome fribe feeling appears, that we love to share. We will never spam you, just keep you in the circle of love.

Ready to go circular? Stay curioous!

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