A tribute to female craftsmanship

THE INGRID COLLECTION – timeless design that brings joy and beauty to everyday life.  Celebrate more!

Laces have always captivated individuals, evoking desire and fascination. The intricate patterns have been skillfully crafted by women through various techniques such as knotting, crocheting, braiding, and weaving, spanning across cultures worldwide. The meticulous process of lace production held great value during the 15th to 18th centuries. This provided an opportunity for skilled female artisans to supplement their family’s income. Laces possess an unparalleled innocence and sensual expressiveness, often enhanced through the choice of color. 

Its delicate patterns can be found adorning garments and enriching interior design, gracing everything from wallpapers, fabrics, and tiles to porcelain. As an interior accessory, decorative laces also serve a significant purpose, safeguarding sensitive surfaces. The enduring history and ornamental qualities of lace persist to this day, as our human desire to embellish and enhance everyday life with historically significant treasures remains unwavering. With our Ingrid Collection, we wish to invite the art of laces into modern and contemporary home decor giving it a functional twist to any festive serving.

Beyond Cakes

Discover the Fribe uses of the Ingrid Collection!

The Ingrid Collection
Round cake dish with beige bottom and natural white laces. Diam 38 cm.

Art no FF200

€ 40

SEK 450

Prices include tax

The Ingrid Collection
Rectangular dish with a black bottom and natural white laces. W 43, D 32 cm.

Art no FF2002

€ 40

SEK 450

Prices include tax


Depending on the size of the products are made of five to eight layers of FSC®-certified birch veneer laminated with a melamine-based surface making it heat resistant up to 130 degrees Celsius.

All the materials are assembled by hand and then molded into the desired shape with high heat and pressure, performed with accuracy and precision by a skilled team of workers.

Durable, environmentally friendly, and dishwasher-safe. However, we recommend hand-washing with a damp cloth. Machine detergents are unnecessarily tough and may stress the environment. For normal use in a home setting, the dishes will last a lifetime.

From Creation to Disposal: Our Lifecycle Care

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