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Are you also one of those passionate, picky design aesthetes who appreciate timeless design in luxurious interior accessories? Then you are among friends. We redesign for you and generations to come, without depleting the earth’s resources. We call it: Circular Design for the Conscious and Curious.

Welcome to a personal concept store

We invite you to book a private presentation or a complimentary personal shopper service for individualized styling assistance at no additional cost.

For custom interior design projects and public spaces, we can also offer bespoke design services tailored to your specific needs.

A life looong love

Our icon and signature product, The Fribe Form® Book Light, radiates everything we stand for. Every single lamp is unique – because you are part of the design! You complete the look and style with your choice of books and lampshades. You redesign it as often as you wish. And it’s you who makes it blend in with your home style or official environment. All according to your home or business interior you can express and highlight your core values. Let it shine with you!

Timeless design with a twist

Through generations, the tradition of laces have brought beauty into everyday life in millions of homes worldwide. Whatever catches your need, The Ingrid Collection is created to honor female skills and creativity. No need for washing, starching, and ironing. Use them in everyday life wherever you wish to add timeless beauty and style. Celebrate more!

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Scented candle lights

Natural wax and recycled candle stubs are blended with our carefully selected and unique fragrances. Then filled into beautiful glasses saved from being thrown away or stuck in the dust. When the candle has gone out the beautiful glass remains for you to use again for your little trinkets or favorite spirits. You can even send it back to us for a refill! Just let us know!

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Pendant decanter lights

Some things end up in the darkness of cellars and attics, too full of sentimental values and family memories to be thrown away. We redesign old, forgotten mouth-blown decanters and make them spread the light as pendant lanterns. See how they thrive hanging around in clusters like charming stars in heaven.

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Hang on to a ball

Pleasure meets responsibility on the golf course. Did you know that those out-of-bounds balls take centuries to vanish? Not only that, they harm our environment along the way. But fear not! The rough holds a secret treasure: high-quality golf balls that we turn into trendy cap and coat hangers. Let’s keep our world clean, one swing at a time! One ball at a time. No handicap needed here.

We grooow in circles

There is more to come evolved through circularity. However, we will never rush to catch a fast-moving trend, because we take control over the complete life circle of our items. Everything we do is to be able to offer you timeless design that does not deplete the earth’s resources or affect the climate. 

Do you wish for an old piece of interior accessory to have a new chance? Feel free to contact us. Your wish for a sustainable lifestyle is an important part of our work to create for future generations.

Great Fribes

Using references is the same as looking back to find the best way forward.

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My fantastic colleague Helène creates her own crafts. Love this tray which now has its own place in mine & Patrick's home. Always fun with something new! Thank you Helene.
Karin Nyman
Tiktok can have it's benefits... Especially when your son cooks you breakfast! Yum. And on beautiful trays by the fabulous Fribe Form.
Louise Sjöstedt
We use the trays every day, for lunch in the conservatory or outside in the summer. Worked great as a coaster when the grandson spilled a glass of milk the other day. I just simply rinsed off the tray. The trays works as table mats and makes both table setting and serving so easy. The Ingrid Collection make our everyday lift so more beautiful.
Pia Berglund
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