The Fribe Form Book Light. Greige Causal

One lamp. Infinite expressions.

You are part of the Design!

The FRIBE FORM® BOOK LIGHT will inspire you to be curious and discover the timeless beauty and expressions in life. Our vision is to be the light for every newborn child through life and one day be passed on, inherited, or recycled.

The Fribe Form® Book Light lets you craft a one-of-a-kind lamp that resonates with your essence. Illuminate your interior spaces with your favorite books, each a testament to your unique journey, cherished ones, memories, and aesthetic sensibilities. Unleash the brilliance of your personality, style and taste. 

You can easily transform and rejuvenate the ambiance at your will, as frequently as your heart desires. Seamlessly transitioning from one room to another, you can adapt the accessories to the rhythm of the seasons and from time to time. Just like life, The Fribe Form® Book Light will inspire you for years to come.

Be Inspired how to style your own Fribe light!

Dive into our world of expressions inspired by personalities, relaxing interests, businesses and places we love. Let it be the start of your journey to creating unique enlightening designs.

Photos by Emma Shevtzoff

The Fribe Form® Book Light comes with a choice of lampshade and a book belt.
Each part can be purchased separately, e.g. if you like both lampshades or have your own.

with lampshade Oval/putty
and braided leather book belt (see separate picture).

Art no FF1001

€ 1,275

SEK 14.375

Prices include tax

with lampshade Cylinder/snow white
and braided leather book belt (see separate picture).

Art no  FF1002

€ 1,265

SEK 14.250

Prices include tax


When you wish to add your own lampshades as well as books, this is your choice.

Art no FF1003

€ 1,220

SEK 13.750

Prices include tax

THE LAMP BASE on four circular brass feet gives a timeless expression inspired by historical designs. W 30, D 21 cm.

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE LAMP ARM to fit books of various sizes. Just loosen a screw completely and screw it back in. No tools are needed.

THE BOOK SUPPORTS can be styled visible, or hidden between pages. The etched brand silhouette ensures original quality and design.

PUTTY-COLORED OVAL LAMPSHADE with a warm shiny inside has a magnificent expression, adding luxury to any environment. W 44, D 20, H 17 cm.

THANKS TO THE SHAPE of the oval lampshade the light becomes neat and suitable even on a narrow sideboard or windowsill.

THE SNOW-WHITE, CIRCULAR LAMPSHDE also has that gold-shining inside spreading the great fribe feeling we love. Diam 31, H 15 cm.

3-COLORED HAND-BRAIDED LEATHER BELT with a vintage brass buckle comes with every complete Fribe Form® Book Light. 

ROUND, ELECTRIC CABLE dressed by Tweed Cotton in Natural Linen, and finishing Glitter. Approx 3 m. Switch on cable. EU plug.

THE LAMPHOLDER COMES with two socket rings to support the lampshade or a screen lyre. Socket: E27.


Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. When exposed to the air the brass will tend to tarnish (oxidize) giving it a beautiful patina.

Always wear soft gloves or a soft fabric in between when handling the lamp to avoid fingerprints and stains.

If you prefer a bright high-sheen finish you can use a gentle polish that creates a water-repellent protective film. We recommend Glanol.

Apply a small amount evenly over the entire surface, then polish the surface with a soft cloth – always polish in the same direction. Avoid using water.

Product Description
Material: Regained, polished brass.
Lamp arm: Adjustable to books of various heights.
Bottom plate: Width 32 x Depth 20 cm
Electric cable: Approx. 3 m, covered by tweed cotton, natural linen and finishing glitter.  
Single pole switch on the cord:  white and bronze-
Light source: Max watt 60W, E27, light bulb not included.
Connection: Euro plug
Lamp socket: Brass E27, two rings to hold the lamp shades. Smaller lamp shades with metal clips can be mounted directly to the light bulb.
Marking: CE, protection class: 2, IP code: IP20
Weight: 2,5 kg (without lamp shade and books)

Book belt: 90 cm braided three-colored leather belt with a brass buckle.
Oval lampshade: Width 31 x Depth x Height 20 cm
Round lampshade, Diam 31 x Height 15 cm

Circular Production
Swedish redesign of existing items and local handicrafts considering the entire life cycle of the products. Sustainable, traceable, and fully recyclable creating zero waste. Design: HF/Fribe Form

invest in a healthier planet, act circularly.

Kindly hold your payment until we've reserved the products for you and confirmed your order. Once you've double-checked the details, feel free to proceed with the payment.

Why a Fribe Form Book Light?

Because settling for ordinary isn’t your style.

You crave sustainable everyday luxury.

You enjoy turning heads and sparking curiosity.

Your home reflects your personality and conscious expressions.

You opt for circular design, considering the object’s full lifecycle.

You are building a legacy that keeps history alive.

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