The Fribe Light

Congratulations to a fribe circular choice. Your Book Light will always be unique! Because you are part of the design!  The expressions are endless.

The Book Light, handcrafted in Sweden from regained brass comes in one model but every lamp will be unique! Because you are part of the design!

You complete the look with your choice of books. You redesign it as often as you like to make it blend in with your interior style, the latest trend, or business environment.
You can also experiment with different shapes, colors, materials, and patterns on the lampshade. The expressions are endless.
The Fribe light will love to express your personality, or your brand for as long as you want. Inherited or new, we cannot think of a better gift to brighten your life.

    • Height adjustable lamp arm to suit books of various sizes
    • Footplate, 32 x 20 cm.
    • To support the book, the stands can be hidden between the pages or visible as a design element
    • The leather belt is adjustable to the maximum of books. NOTE! The belt must only wrap around the books, not include the lamp arm!
    • Majestic is our cylinder drum lampshade in light grey with a golden inside. The majestic look is a statement, yet the shape makes it easy to place on a narrow table or windowsill. 45x20x17 cm.
    • Elegant is our circular drum lampshade in white with a golden inside. It has a very elegant look also suited when the lamp can be seen 360 degrees. 30x15x20
    • Note. Books are not included.
    • For other bespoke details, welcome to contact us.
    • CE-marked
Book belt

Each lamp comes with a leather book belt included in the price with of the lamp.
Just choose your color favorite among the alternatives.
If you wish to have more book belts or later buy more you are welcome.


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