Circular cake dish, 38 cm


In the Ingrid Collection, you will find two cake dishes, one circular and one rectangular. Swedish handicraft of FSC®-certified birch veneer and paper.


Our dishes are made of several sheets of FSC®-certified birch veneer containing between five to eight layers of veneer depending on the size of the dish. The raw materials are sourced within Europe and the production facility is located in Sweden. The design is printed with a high-quality inkjet printer onto an FSC® certified paper. The motif is protected by a laminated melamine-based surface making it heat-resistant up to 130 degrees Celsius. All the materials are assembled by hand and then molded into the desired shape with high heat and pressure. This craft requires both accuracy and precision from our skilled team of workers.

The manufacturing method combined with the characteristics of the different materials provides a very durable, environmentally friendly, and dishwasher-safe product. We do however recommend washing it by hand if it’s not used in a restaurant environment since the dishwasher detergent causes wear on the surface after frequent washes. For normal use in a home setting, the products will last a lifetime.

Back of the tray; birch


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