FRIBE FORM is a tribute to historical treasures, exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design, founded by Heléne Friberg.

It started with a nagging conscience, love for my family, and attics brimmed with boxes, eldom unpacked. To full of affection and values to get rid of.

The bad consciousness evolved into curiosity. I realized I wasn’t alone in feeling this way. If I could ease my conscience, maybe I could also help others. I decided to give it a try. By redesigning existing quality items into timeless and exquisite interior accessories I promote a sustainable way of life for more people. 

Like my products, the logotype is inherited, recycled, and refined. The mirrored F now reflects the historical heritage and craftsmanship together with the future need for zero waste. When I ran into the urban expression fribe [fra:ib’] meaning; awesome, tight, cool, grand, fantastic, boss… the brand logotyp was ready to flourish once again. Now as a recycled and registered trademark.

FRIBE FORM will never hook on to a fast-moving trend. Instead, I hope to inspire opting out of linear production and quick consumption. Together we can make a brighter future and a healthier climate on our planet. Be proud of our history and act circularly. For generations to come. I will do everything I can to make you feel the Great Fribes.

Join me on this journey as we uncover the stories behind precious keepsakes.

My role models

LARS-OLOF FRIBERG. My creative entrepreneurial father. With an outstanding ability and desire to inspire, he activated people of all ages to appreciate the importance of historical roots and cultural values. Always encouraging, never demanding he made me see the big world, be persistent, and always stay curious. He is also the father behind the idea and first prototype of our signature product, The Fribe Book Light. 

INGRID FRIBERG. My beautiful mother. So humble. So shy. So immensely protecting, loving, and caring for our family’s well-being. She introduced me to the esthetic world of scenic art – music, theatre, and dance. She made me cherish things with a history and the joy of bringing beauty into everyday life. The Ingrid Collection is a tribute to her love and legacy of handmade laces, once inherited from her mother and now given to me.

Our market premiere at Formex in January was a success!

The Hat Walk Happening made everyone smile and spread love.
The booth was a fribe attraction.
We were noticed in the press.
A spontaneous interview was made, (there’s a little unexpected break in the middle.😂)
And the first Fribe Lights have been sent to spread the light of Great Fribes.

Feel the good vibes!

Fribe [frai:b]

Fribe is the urban expression that says it all: awesome, cool, fantastic, grand,, tight, boss... We just love it!

Friday vibes

You know that unmistakable feeling you get at the end of a long working week with a rewarding weekend heading up.

Great Fribes!

Nothing matters, anything is possible. All is awesome. You cannot stop yourself from bursting out : I've got major fribes!"


Design to die for. Redesigned for you.

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